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Waste of space

Now I am Probably going to have everyone hating me for this but I would like to express my opinion.

I think 96.9 going to talk is the biggest waste of radio space imagineable. One of the big FM advantages over
AM is the increased fidelity. Perfect for MUSIC!  I am disappointed to hear all these FM stations going to talk radio.
I understand that "talk radio" is important and a real money maker, but keep it on the AM side. I dont even agree 
with FM Morning talk shows not playing any music. Not that there is anything wrong with AM or Talk radio, I just in my opinion feel that FM talk is a format that shouldnt be done. 

and to "dabble" on a different topic for a second,

I wonder with WAAF's applied for move, if a new class A allottment will open in the Springfield area on 107.5 or 107.7.  

Well Have to go now.... 

Thanks for listening


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