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Bozo the Clown

It's the end of an era, folks:

Officials at WZZM-TV in Grand Rapids, Michigan are finally removing Bozo 
the Clown from their Saturday morning line-up.  The last show will be 
August 28th.  This decision leaves WGN in Chicago as the nation's only TV 
station that still has a weekly Bozo show.   According to UPI's Detroit 
reporter Eric Johnson, "Bozo began as an animated character in the 1940s 
and came to TV in the 1960s.  At its peak, local Bozo shows were on 100 
stations nationwide.  In Grand Rapids, Bozo the Clown has been portrayed by 
Dick Richards for 31 years."

I remember Frank Avruch as Bozo here (I believe Frank is still alive, 
right?) -- what year did the show get pulled off the air in Boston?  There 
used to be a number of locally produced kid's shows here-- Big Brother Bob 
Emery, Major Mudd, Rex Trailer's Boomtown... now, it's mostly national 
shows and cartoons...