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Re: Interesting Cable Channels in Norfolk VA

From: Mark <markwats@netway.com>

>I was on vacation in Norfolk VA last week.I found a couple of interesting
>channels on the cable TV system there(Cox Communications).One channel is
>called LNC(Local News Channel) which shows continuous rebroadcasts of
>WVEC-TV(Ch.13) newscasts....

>Also,the have the Local Weather Channel(LWC) which shows the latest
>National Weather Service local forcasts along with
>temps/conditions/tides,etc 24/7.

LWC is supplied by another TV Station down there (I forget which) and has
clips of their weather anchor introducing some segments...and the whole
thing repeats.

Sorta like a localized version of the weather channel...with much more local
information and superserving the market with personality and

I believe the COX Cable also owns one of the TV stations.  (?)

I'm surprised we don't see more of that around here.