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Re: Waste of space

>Now I am Probably going to have everyone hating me for this but I would
like to express my opinion.

No hate...ALL opinions are worthwhile....!

>I think 96.9 going to talk is the biggest waste of radio space imagineable.
>I understand that "talk radio" is important and a real money maker, but
keep it on the AM side.

If someone wanted to challenge WRKO's rein(sp?) as "THEE Talk
Station"....what other AM Facility would have the signal adequate enough to
give them some real competition?  (It's a given that 1030 and 850 are not
going to change....)

> One of the big FM advantages over
>AM is the increased fidelity.

The other is signal.  A nice round coverage map that covers the ARB
metro.....and no crazy nulls.

>I wonder with WAAF's applied for move, if a new class A allottment will
open in the Springfield area on 107.5 or 107.7.

What move is that?