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Re: Smooth Jazz

>Last week. Brian Vita wrote:

In other markets NAC (smooth jazz) has done
>well but if you listen to the
>stations (by internet or in person) you don't get a constant feeding of
>Madonna, Janet Jackson and Kenny G. once an hour.  Check out.......CD101 in
NYC and you'll hear the
> WLVE (Love 94) 93.9 FM. Miami/Ft Lauderdale began also broadcasting
>on 94.5 FM (West Palm Beach) about a year ago. The success of this station,
>one of the original stations to evolve from an AC to NAC/Jazz format...

Funny....cuz I believe the PD of WSJZ was also the PD of both of those
stations.... In Florida and NYC.

The adding of familiar vocals is definitely a balancing act.

Kenny G, Janet Jackson, Sade, etc....all help bring in new cumers.

Once a station is established, it can concentrate more on Jazz, work on the
TSL and blow off the AC crossover tunes.

But the idea that "if the station played REAL jazz" it would be at the top
of the ratings is a misnomer.