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Re: Smooth Jazz

Last week. Brian Vita wrote: In other markets NAC (smooth jazz) has done
well but if you listen to the
stations (by internet or in person) you don't get a constant feeding of
Madonna, Janet Jackson and Kenny G. once an hour.  Check out WLVE 94.5 Fort
Lauderdale (available on the web) or CD101 in NYC and you'll hear the

	WLVE (Love 94) 93.9 FM. Miami/Ft Lauderdale began also broadcasting
on 94.5 FM (West Palm Beach) about a year ago. The success of this station,
one of the original stations to evolve from an AC to NAC/Jazz format, has
been a roller coaster ride. However, they have held very well in the South
Florida market due to an audience that can accept a good amount of Latin
jazz in their menu, mixed with the usual Smooth Jazz product. One of the
people responsible for this success was Rich McMillan (Optimum
Broadcasting).....Shirley Maldonado wholly contributed and continued this
path, both before and after her stints at CD101 in NY. Love 94 was bought
by Paxson in '93, then Clear Channel in '97. Shirley seemed to get a bum
deal from both owners and was ejected by CC after their aquisition. After
about a year, Bret Michael was shipped in from Kansas City as PD. Their
ratings have held pretty steady over the past year or two. I agree that,
with Shirleys experience with this format and her wealth of contacts to
draw upon, if she couldn't make a success of WSJZ as an NAC, then few
others could.
	I started with WLVE in 1985.....did evenings, then PM Drive until
1993. I returned in 1996 to do the morning show with my old friend Joanne
Rice and we took the show from 14th to 7th (25-54) in two books and
maintained a steady top ten ranking from then on. I returned to New England
last year after a two year contract with WLVE because I could no longer
stand living in South Florida. (Too hot, too flat, too much crime, people
suck!).  Love 94 has a heritage status in the South Florida market and has
always billed well. Unfortunately, WSJZ was a relatively new venture in
Boston and the market was reluctant to commit to this mix of
music............ Good luck Shirl !
Hey , this is my first contribution to this list. Sorry it was long. Hope
it was informative.
(WPLM/afternoons and WBOS/weekends)