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Re: Cellphone talk numbers

Maybe someone at SmartRoutes (Eli?, Peter?, or David?) could jump in an
provide a full answer.  The Mass Highway Dept and I thought federal funds
provided for the *1 or 617-374-1234 Service to the motoring public.

Bill Dunn

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Date: Monday, August 16, 1999 23:00
Subject: Re: Cellphone talk numbers

>*1 Doesn't work with Nextel.  It does work with AT&T wireless.
>As a side note, I was talking to someone at Shadow Traffic and he says that
>the Turnpike Authority doesn't provide them with squat.
>At 05:46 PM 8/16/99 -0400, Kevin Vahey wrote:
>> >
>> >
>> > Has anyone noticed, that BZ' doesn't use Call us on your CellOne phone
>> > *1030, they just say CellPhone.  Doesn't work on a BAM phone.
>> >
>> >
>>  The SmartRoutes *1 works with Sprint     *1030 does not
>>If you have to call in something  617 588 3796 will do the trick
>>I talked to Peter Casey about it, and he says the cell companies don't
>>to assign the star numbers....
>>I do know in the case of *1, the Commonwealth picks up the price of the