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Re: Manchester #'s...?

Obviously this "Action News" thing is not working on WGIR.  WGIP and WGIN
out on the Seacoast, which simulcast GIR, barely registered in the
Portsmouth book.  I'm sort of suprised, since the station has Not a
Doctor Laura and Rush.  You would figure that the mindless minions who
listen to these two shows would be enough to prop up the ratings to at
least a one share.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7


> Anyone have a perspective on Manchester, NH?
> I can't believe how poorly WGIR did!     3.5!
> That means they were beaten by WAAF and WFEA (on the sattelite!)
> Also, why does WQLL (Kool Oldies) do so poorly?  I thought it sounded
> pretty good!
> What's happenning at WJYY and WNNH?  Anyone got inside scoop?
> BM