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New London CT

I think that the ratings dip was not a fluke for Q-105 (WQGN.)  Longtime
PD/morning man Franco crossed the street to WKCD mid-book.  He has been the
number one rated morning show in that market for years, in fact he was
number one in NINE demos.  Incredibly, he was working at WQGN without a
contract or a non-compete.  Can we say .....OOOOOPS!

It's interesting that WNLC continues to do well with standards.  Actually,
there are two mainstream/soft AC stations, WBMW and WTYD, which are both
satellite-fed and the two services sound virtually identical.  No wonder
standards did well.  Besides, all those casino workers listen because they
can see many of those artists live......

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

Scott D Fybush wrote:

> -NEW LONDON: Standards WNLC checked in with the first-place title this
> time, followed by WQGN (which lost so much that we suspect a weird
> distribution of books in this small market), WCTY, WWRX, and WTYD.
> The real story is a bit lower in the ratings, where WKCD's move from
> smooth jazz to modern AC almost tripled its ratings (another possible
> source for WQGN's tumble?)
> --WORCESTER: Another AC market, with WSRS in the top spot, trailed by
> WXLO, WTAG, WAAF...and newcomer WWFX, with something like four times
> the ratings of classic-rock competitor WORC-FM.
> -NEW BEDFORD: A strong #1 for CHR WFHN, followed by WCTK and WWLI in a
> tie, WHJY, and a sagging WBSM.
> -CAPE COD: WQRC rises again to stay in first, with classical WFCC
> making an impressive gain in second, knocking standards WOCN to
> third, followed by WCIB, WXTK, WCOD, WRZE, WPXC, WKPE, and WMVY.  Down
> in the noise: classic-rock WWKJ and hot AC WYST.
> -MANCHESTER: WZID pulls one of the few 20+ performances nationwide,
> followed far back by WGIR-FM, WOKQ, and WFEA, as WGIR(AM) and WQLL sag
> into the Boston-fringe lower reaches of the book.
> -PORTSMOUTH: A ratings dip couldn't keep WOKQ from first place,
> followed by WHEB and a fast-dropping WERZ.  Haverhill's WXRV turns in
> a nice sixth-place showing, while AMs like WGIN/WGIP and WMYF can't
> even break a 1.
> We'll have more ratings, and much more news, next Friday...see you
> then!
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