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Re: Manchester #'s...?


> I can't believe how poorly WGIR did!     3.5!

The station has been a ratings dog for years.  Knight destroyed it 
by slashing the news operation and going to bird droppings.  Of 
course they went a step further with WHEB-AM and turned in the 
license.  All their energies in the final years went into their big-
signal cash cows; the AMs and WXHT got short shrift.

In a way it's too bad that the ratings aren't better; after slamming 
Crapstar in this forum mercilessly I must concede that at least 
they are doing more live in-state programming than Knight did for 
some time.

> Also, why does WQLL (Kool Oldies) do so poorly?  I thought it sounded
> pretty good!

It does, for an oldies station, but then again I can't recall a recent 
start-up success in the format.  I think oldies and classic rock are 
very tired.  AAA has suffered similarly, I think, because so many 
stations in the format rely on classic rock staples.  Interestingly, of 
the retro formats nostalgia seems to be a more consistent ratings 
success story.

Take care,