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Re: Lowell Folk Festival Friday Night Radio

Mark Watson writes:
> Last Night marked the first night of the 1999 Lowell Folk
Festival.As far
> as radio coverage goes,only WJUL and WGBH-FM had any coverage.WJUL
> the opening show from JFK Plaza,then after the street parade to John
> they carried the three evening acts at Boarding House Park.Their
Marti feed
> from both venues a bit noisy,more so at Boarding House,and a
noticeable hum
> at both sites,also from both venues the programming was in
> pilot still on.

Was the hum exclusive to WJUL's feed?  Wonder if everything was
grounded down and solid.  I was fortunate to be a student at that
station (79-) when the core group were from the tech side of the
campus.  (Although I was biz mgmt at the time).  There were not
illusions as to one's ability to deliver glittery production, but even
the old QRKs, ITC triples, 1976 McGurdy's were all clean as a whistle.
(The premise was "we may not sing well, but we're loud and clear.")
Ironically, the thing that has kept WJUL unique in that it has no
controlling authority by a curriculum, purely a student activity
OUTSIDE of the control of "Student Government" (I fought to maintain
that at the time)... that all lends to increased inconsistencies of
program delivery, content and relative quality.  Gotta love that.

<snip>  so
> WJUL listeners got to here Mai Kramer on stage giving the WGBH-FM
> ID,then she started to thank her folks who made the broadcast
> few seconds into that the feed suddenly vanished and jock back at
> studio took over and did his thing.

FIle under:  DOH! or "You've gotta have a sense of humor about these
things...."  That kind of stuff is why I appreciate the scene in
"Private Parts" when Stern was on in the BU AMer, dropping carts all
around a hot mic, etc.  If it weren't true, it wouldn't have been half
as funny, IMO.

> Well back to the festival,still looking for Mega 1400 bumper
> think I know why I haven't seen them at the festival.They probably
> cancelled their subscription to the Lowell Sun!!<g>.

Also, the Lowell//Lawrence xmtrs appear to have become repeater
stations for Mega 1150 in Boston.  So without a map to Lowell....

Bill O'Neill