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Re: when are legal IDs supposed to be done?

Bob Nelson:

> Was using the scan button on my car radio yesterday and heard a
> of stations (WOKQ was one) doing legal IDs on the half-hour. Now, I
> thought that the FCC required legal IDs (calls and city of license)
> the hour (or at least between :50 and :10) but any other airing of a
> legal ID is optional. Or did they change the rule?
> In other words, is it only required that stations air a legal ID
> an hour, and it doesn't matter when?

I think the "change of program" required a legal.  Back in college, we
had to legal out of a Chiefs hockey (or any other) remote regardless
of the time.  Probably no longer the case.  I'd suspect a misfire in
that case?

Bill O'Neill