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Lowell Folk Festival Friday Night Radio

Last Night marked the first night of the 1999 Lowell Folk Festival.As far
as radio coverage goes,only WJUL and WGBH-FM had any coverage.WJUL carried
the opening show from JFK Plaza,then after the street parade to John St.
they carried the three evening acts at Boarding House Park.Their Marti feed
from both venues a bit noisy,more so at Boarding House,and a noticeable hum
at both sites,also from both venues the programming was in mono,w/stereo
pilot still on.

WGBH-FM carried the 9PM show from Boarding House featuring Fontella Bass(of
"Rescue Me" fame) intro'd and outro'd by Mai Kramer(sp?) as part of her
Friday Night Blues show.

Just as an interesting note,WJUL at the end of their coverage thanked
WGBH-FM for providing their feed,they said good night,intro'd the next jock
with his show from the studio.However,he must have been asleep at the wheel
or not in the studio,as the remote feed stayed on after the goodbyes,so
WJUL listeners got to here Mai Kramer on stage giving the WGBH-FM legal
ID,then she started to thank her folks who made the broadcast possible,a
few seconds into that the feed suddenly vanished and jock back at the
studio took over and did his thing.

Well back to the festival,still looking for Mega 1400 bumper stickers.Oh,I
think I know why I haven't seen them at the festival.They probably
cancelled their subscription to the Lowell Sun!!<g>.

Mark Watson