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Re: The big switch, as it happened

I think it will be an uphill battle for WPHX.  The last alternative station
which covered primarily York County (WXHT York Center, now WUBB) failed to even
appear in the Portsmouth, NH book for two straight ratings periods. Because of
91.9 in Portland and 92.1 in Peterborough, NH, WPHX won't be able to improve
their signal in either market appreciably.  Unless this station can find a way
to get ratings, the Starbucks or Newbury Comics won't buy ad time at all.
Besides, the alternative format is on a down cycle and both Portsmouth and
Portland really don't need another alternative signal.  Portsmouth gets by just
fine with WBCN and Portland has WCYY/WCYI.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

> >Question:  If this thing really takes off, what does this do to the
> >radio advertising marketplace in Portland and Portsmouth?  I can well
> >imagine some national/regional advertisers like Newbury Comics and
> >Starbucks Coffee resisting the efforts of locally-based (at least
> >studio-wise) stations' salespeople to sell time when said advertisers
> >can essentially reach all three markets with one buy.