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Fw: 1999 Lowell Folk Festival

  Bill O'Neill wrote:
> WLLH (1400 Lowell//Lawrence).  Should be interesting to see what Mega
> has planned given the swap to SP 24/7.  Hope they do go for it, in a
> big way, bringing the ethnic blast to 1150 Boston, as well.
   That's if they even know there's a festival!!!<g>.I would be surprised
if they even show up to pass out bumper stickers!!

> WCCM (800 Lawrence).  This could be their first ever appearance at the
> festival.  It would be more surprising if they were absent,
> particularly in light of the kW Costa Eagle property's recent gestures
> towards developing some sort of a Lowell presence and their Lowell
> Spinners coverage.  Bob Ellis and Frank Messina (now WCCM, then WLLH)
> had been highly visible in past WLLH festival broadcasts.

    As I had posted earlier,WCCM will be there Sat. and Sun. broadcasting
from JFK and Boarding House.I don't know who they will have on scene
anchoring their coverage,although it's almost safe to say that Frank
Sunday(Messina) will be there.Bob Ellis will be away in Pittsfield for
Spinners games Friday and Sat.nights.

> WCAP (980 Lowell).  Planning all day/eve Sat & Sun. live from the JFK
> Plaza (at City Hall).  Sticking with one location this year.  I will
> be anchoring the Sunday leg of the event (around 1 pm til finish).
   Wow!!! A Lowell station actually at the festival!!!<g>.We'll have to try
to get over there and see you in that 70's mobile studio!!!
 Mark Watson