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Re: Great Media Chairman dies

In a message dated 7/21/99 10:55:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Dib9@aol.com 

<< I wonder how this will effect the company? >>

shouldn't affect things much.  the company had already shifted, and promoted 
from within, key players to take on key roles.  unfortunately, Mr.Bordes had 
been ill for a while, and, i believe, actually hand picked successors.  

i'd like to add my condolences to his family and friends.  i did not know the 
man, but knew of him (working for Greater Media).  and all that i had heard 
was good.
and from what i've experienced in five years as a GM employee, he was a good 
radio man, and picked some pretty good people to run his stations.  

just some of my thoughts about Greater Media...
there must be something to what he was able to do, as it is one of the few 
radio stations around, as of this writing, that has more than a handful of 
people who have been with the group since its inception.  Magic has a staff 
that i think is only junior in onair Boston to the WBZ crew.  (Magic's Nancy 
Quill, Dave Boucher, Michael Burns, Gay Vernon, Candy O'Terry, Mark 
Laurence... some of these people could be considered "plank holders", around 
at Magic's sign on from the old WBZ-FM). the WKLB crew has people with more 
than 5 years on the job (Ginny Rogers, Carolyn Kruse, John Willis, David 
Anderson)  my good friend and coworker Chuck Monroe has survived from the 
WCDJ acquisition and has come full circle, now mornings on WSJZ, via stops on 
WBCS/WKLB, and WROR.  and there are people within the local management ranks 
that have done their jobs well and received the appropriate recognition via 
promotions and the like.

i'm sure most of us don't have illusions of 40+ years on a job and a gold 
watch sendoff, but the fact is, this is a pretty darn good company with which 
to be associated, and there's nothing wrong with hanging around as long as 
they'll have us.    

having spent my time in the trenches (including doing a cold January morning 
pattern change in Scarborough, ME by trudging out into the field through the 
snow and flipping the big ol' switch with a broom handle because the relays 
had frozen, and the engineer had said there was no way he was getting out of 
bed for that),  this is one of those places we imagine "radio must be like" a 
little further up the food chain.  

Chuck Igo
WROR (and Greater Media/Greater Boston  Radio Group employee)