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Re: shania twain gives select djs a kiss

I disagree.  As far as CHR is concerned, the dance mix is much, much
better.  it has a much better tempo, and it doesn't scream "Country" which
is the kiss of death in this format. This song would have stiffed at CHR
without the remix. Most of the country acts that have crossed to CHR
recently--Leeann Rimes, Faith Hill, and Shania, have had both "pop" and
"country" versions of their hits for each respective format.  AC and Hot AC
stations work a bit differently--they play the mix which works with their
overall sound.  Most Mainstream AC's will play the country version.  At
WXLO, we play the dance mix.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

Roy Lawrence wrote:

> I totally agree, the country mix(album version) is far superior to that
> piece of *@&% drivel CHR mix! I was actually surprised that version
> made it as far as it did. I thought it was only going to be a alternate
> house mix, but seems like everybody in CHR ran with it...including
> us(shriek)!