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WCCM at Lowell Folk Festival

While listening to the Lowell Spinners game tonight on WCCM,I heard a promo
for their live broadcast from the Lowell Folk Festival this weekend.They
will broadcast performances from Boarding House Park and JFK Plaza
stages.WGBH-FM will broadcast from Boarding House Park Saturday from Noon
to 6 with Dick Pleasants hosting WGBH's coverage.I don't know what plans
WCAP or WJUL have for Folk Festival coverage(if Bill O'Neill is
around,maybe he can answer that).

While on the subject of WCCM,I bumped into Frank Sunday in Downtown Lowell
this morning on my lunch break.He was waiting for the "Costa/Eagle Pepsi
Thunder Van" to arrive for the live broadcast of the 'Hotline"talk show
from the Barnes and Noble bookstore.I asked him if/when they will expand
the music format beyond the 3 hours weekdays they are currently
airing(4-7PM).Frank indicated that it looks like they will expand the music
to the night and overnight hours sometime after Labor Day.The current
daytime schedule,with longtime WCCM staffer Bruce Arnold's morning
news/info mix,as well as the swap shop and midday/early afternoon talk
shows staying put,as they feel that many listeners enjoy and participate in
the local talk programming.Also WCCM will announce shortly the opening of
their Lowell studio.Frank could not tell me where it will be located as
final details are being ironed out,but it will be downtown.

Mark Watson