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Re: OK, this could be scary.....

I believe Matzell left WBLM to do mornings at WERZ and was there for several 
years.  I'm not sure if he was successful there or not.  Since then, he has 
failed to rekindled his morning sucess in Maine.  He did mornings at AOR 
105.9 WKRH to little notice and the WPOR show has not worked out.  Matzell's 
former partner at WBLM, Mark Persky, is still there in the morning.  

Here's some Portland Radio Trivia:  who replaced Matzell as co-host of the 
WBKM morning show?  Tim Wright, now co-host of the successful "Tim and Lori" 
show on WMGX.  Tim was there about a year before leaving.  He was replaced by 
"The Captain" Herb Ivey who has been part of the show ever since.

Dan Billings
Bowdoinham, Maine

In a message dated 7/18/99 1:48:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
lawrencemedia@yahoo.com writes:

<<  The "Mark and Mark Remarkable Radioshow" was the best morning show I
 ever heard on WBLM! They did alot of parody tunes and employed sound
 bits that worked well within the show. Growing up as teen in the early
 mid 80's, that's all you ever heard anyone in my highschool talking
 about. Not bad for a bunch of "nonradio" people that were obviously
 hooked on everyword. After all....isn't that every personality's dream?
 Roy Lawrence
 Portland, Maine >>