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Re: OK, this could be scary.....

In a message dated 7/17/99 11:06:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
markwats@netway.com writes:

<<   Also,while checking out the above site,found a couple of interesting job
 postings.WPOR is looking for a morning host/show.Who is currently holding
 that spot or is is open?? >>

currently, the WPOR morning show is being hosted by mark matzell, with a 
little help from the pd, cp marsh.  mark knows of the ad, and was told of it. 
 apparently, since loretta crawford departed, the Saga management would like 
a team there.  they are looking for a team first, and then, if nothing shakes 
on that front, they are willing to consider finding someone who might work 
well with mark.