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Re: JFK Missing -- Coverage

Brian's discussion about the plane was very thorough and I appreciate it.
I also appreciated the thoroughness of the coverage yesterday-- during many
other stories, radio news seems to have abdicated its identity and just
simulcast audio from a TV station.  It was nice to see real reporting-- I
commend Peter Casey (who does read this) and whoever else was involved in
the decision to let WBZ radio cover some of the story on its own.

But then, I flip over to WRKO and Mark Parenteau  has some guy on the air
who is going on and on about how the Kennedys are getting what they
deserve!  I am all for free speech (and no, I don't like fawning coverage
of celebrities either), but it will be interesting to see how the so-called
"Right wing" talk shows handle this story.  And yes, like them or hate
them, a tragedy of this sort IS news.  But I hope both sides of the issue
will handle the story with good taste.