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Re: OK, this could be scary.....

 The "Mark and Mark Remarkable Radioshow" was the best morning show I
ever heard on WBLM! They did alot of parody tunes and employed sound
bits that worked well within the show. Growing up as teen in the early
mid 80's, that's all you ever heard anyone in my highschool talking
about. Not bad for a bunch of "nonradio" people that were obviously
hooked on everyword. After all....isn't that every personality's dream?

Roy Lawrence
Portland, Maine

- --- Chris Beckwith <beckwith@ime.net> wrote:
> Dan Billings wrote:
> > Rumors are that he will move into a production
> position with the
> > company when the new team debuts.
> I hope that happens, because that was his strong
> suit at WBLM 
> and WERZ.
> Take care,
> Chris

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