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Re: Imus gives his version....

- --- Dan.Strassberg@att.net wrote:

> On the other hand, GM certainly does not have an 
> impressive track record with talkers.

KLSX-FM/LA. One of the first FM talkers in the country. They did
pretty well for a while, thanks to Stern. Granted, it was
a mix of talk and music before CBS/Infinity got the station in
a trade(for WBOS-FM/WKLB-FM) and then made it all-talk, but GM had
pretty good success in LA.
> Entercom has always had a reputation for putting the 
> bottom line at the top of their priorities.

Very true. Some of the decicions they made in their other clusters(K.C.
and Seattle) earlier this year were also border-line
dumb/cost effective. In those cases, very popular local market
personalities with name recognition and larger salaries were
cut loose in favor of unknown or syndicated, less experienced, cheaper talent.

> Clearly, their approach to profits is inordinately short-sighted. 

Well, that's debateable. When you answer to a group of share
holders and big name investors, including Bob Kraft of New England Patriots(1%
of Entercom), the bottom line does come into play because profits
are the name of the game. On the other hand,  Greater Media is
privately owned by one mulitmillionaire businessman who only answers
to himself and no one else. 

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