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Re: Imus gives his version....

IF WBOS became a talker...

5:30-10 Imus
10-noon Dr. Laura (if WRKO dumps her) or Fabulous
Sports Babe (though WEEI is supposed to be the ESPN
affiliate I think)

noon-3 Rush? or ESPN sports talk (Tony Kornheuser?). Of
course if WEEI dumps its local hosts, the Babe and
Tony could wind up there

3-6 local host?
6-10 Tom Leykis
10-1 am Jim Bohannon


Maybe a "talk" version of WBOS would start with
syndie hosts and eventually get some local hosts.
Just a theory of what they could do with talk (not
sure if it would work...)

- --- Mike Thomas <nostatic@earthlink.net> wrote:
> I wonder how long Rush and "not a Doctor" Laura have
> on their contracts with
> Entercom?  
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