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Re: Imus gives his version....

Although KLSX has had so-so ratings, particularly after Stern is done, they are
currently number two in billing in Los Angeles, right behind KIIS-FM, the
mainstream CHR.  I'm sure those are the numbers that Greater Media is seeing as
they decide whether or not to flip WBOS to all-talk.  I find it interesting that
two stations that target 18-34 are #1 and #2 in billing.  You have to start
wondering if the 25-54 demo is as important as it used to be.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

Mark Shneyder wrote:

> KLSX-FM/LA. One of the first FM talkers in the country. They did
> pretty well for a while, thanks to Stern. Granted, it was
> a mix of talk and music before CBS/Infinity got the station in
> a trade(for WBOS-FM/WKLB-FM) and then made it all-talk, but GM had
> pretty good success in LA.