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Re: Star 93.7's Wilde and Blake (Was: Re: New Morning Show)

- --- Joseph Gallant <notquite@hotmail.com> wrote:

> I haven't heard them yet, but since Mark made no mention of whether there 
> was anyone doing news during the "Wilde and Blake" show, I assume that while 
> there IS traffic and weather, that Star 93.7 has joined an incvreasing 
> number of music stations who have eliminated news completly.

Joe :

Karen Blake is the 'news director'. Most of the stories in her
updates were lifestyle or entertainment-related(probably straight out of
Metro Networks database). Basically, the same kind of stuff
that Pebbles delivers at Jamn 94-5 or Amy Lynn Hoffman at Mix 98-5.

Give it a listen tomorrow 6-10am....
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