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Re: BOSS TALK Lineup (Was: Re: Imus gives his version....)

Yeah, to some extent I figured it would be a longshot
lineup...but I think Leykis would be a possibility.
He would draw a younger demographic, wouldn't he?

- --- Joseph Gallant <notquite@hotmail.com> wrote:
I seriously doubt most of those names, other than
> Imus (who's already coming 
> to 92.9) would show up on WBOS for one major
> reason...
> an FM talk format should be
> skewed much younger than 
> the standard "Talk Radio" format 

> And besides, I think that the changes at WEEI aren't
> over. 

Quite possible--the Babe, Tony Kornheuser (sp?) and so
on. Mostly ESPN hosts with one or two local shows.
(Would Dennis and Callahan make the cut,too? Ted
Sarandis?) It would be ironic if WEEI were to go
mostly syndicated with ESPN and WNRB would pick up
the displaced local hosts--picture The Big Show or
Ted Nation emanating from AM 1510 while ESPN is at
AM 850. Could happen, and I think it _has_ at cities
across the country.
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