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NPR's "Lost and Found Sound"

"All Things Considered" has been running this very interesting series
called "Lost and Found Sound" which basically takes old recordings and
gets some of the people who made them to talk about them. A few of the
pieces - they're aired weekly - have been dedicated to the history of
radio - and one in particular (last Friday's, in fact) fascinated me: 


It's a conversation (and a lot of clips) from former CBS Radio newsman
Robert Trout about the "Farewell to Studio Nine" that he narrated for CBS
back in 1964 when they were getting ready to scrap the old "live news"

give it a listen...

- --Scott--

btw: if anyone has a copy of the original (put out by CBS in '64), please
	let me know. I'll gladly pay to get a copy made!

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