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Re: another Entercom drop

- --- Bump Martin <LJNF40C@prodigy.com> wrote:
> I don't think Straley (IMHO) more than likely had any input into the
> direction of the station.....he just executed the orders from above....and
> the words of the consultant (Sabo?) were considered devine.

Correct. Old buddy Walter Sabo was brought in by ARS top brass to "adjust"
'RKO sound during Mayers' previous regime.

> BTW....I coulda sworn the changes to "Immature talk" at WRKO started
> happenning before Straley and while Al Mayer was still there...no?

Yup, Chuck Adler, Tom Leykis, "The Chicks" were all Mayers' creattions
and so was uniting Whitley and Clapprood(yikes!)to be one of the
lamest AM-drive shows in recent memory...
> I hear that the Paul Sullivan doing 10PM-12Mid for WBZ in Brudnoys old hours
> is only getting paid per hour.   ie.  paid for 2 hours a night.

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