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Re: another Entercom drop

From: Gary F <gff@mediaone.net>

>Couldn't happen to a nicer fellow. I've always blamed him for making RKO
>"tabloid talk radio". Maybe now some intelligent meaningful talk can return
>to the hub.   (Gene Burns is still without a contract in San Fran.....)

C'mon, you gotta know that Straley was just an operative who was charged
with carrying out "the plan".  That "plan" was most likely created by the
consultants....and given the imprimateur from the upper-ups in the corperate

I don't think Straley (IMHO) more than likely had any input into the
direction of the station.....he just executed the orders from above....and
the words of the consultant (Sabo?) were considered devine.

BTW....I coulda sworn the changes to "Immature talk" at WRKO started
happenning before Straley and while Al Mayer was still there...no?

....and I share your hope for Gene Burns.   Would be thrilled to see him
come back to Boston and set the standard again for talkradio.  I wonder why
he is without a contract in SF?  Anyone care to speculate?  The only thing I
could figure...is that compared to his WRKO/WOR days....where, from what the
scuttlebut says, he was making $225,000, that KGO is catching up with the
present practices of the industry and wants to start paying a lot less for

I hear that the Paul Sullivan doing 10PM-12Mid for WBZ in Brudnoys old hours
is only getting paid per hour.   ie.  paid for 2 hours a night.

Anyhoo......just speculation and conjecture on my part....don't take tos
eriously.   :-)