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Re: Check the tires...and the maplight

From: Bill O'Neill <billo@erols.com>

>Almost that time of year again, when we load up the van and trek 850
>linear miles from MA to OH.  Generally an all-nighter - the only way
>to travel.  
> If this is
>anything like last year, I can only hope the Truckin' Bozo is on at
>WLW (700 Cincinnati)!

Is that the best we can do on a long trip at night on AM?   :-)

(Personally, I hear way too many trucker shows.....)



>More and more stations had flipped to voice-tracking (at least
>overnights), the bird, sign-off (sure beats bad radio, I always say,
>and lets the trop/skip do what it does best!)  Maybe the scene will
>surprise me...
>Bill O'Neill