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Re: another Entercom drop

In a message dated 7/4/99 9:36:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
bostonradio@yahoo.com writes:

<< Yup, Chuck Adler, Tom Leykis, "The Chicks" were all Mayers' creattions
 and so was uniting Whitley and Clapprood(yikes!)to be one of the
 lamest AM-drive shows in recent memory... >>

maybe the WhitRood show was not on the money, and no, i'm not the founder nor 
a card carrying member of the Al Mayers fan club, but last i checked, the 
Chicks didn't do too badly til they got a little tired of each others' 
company, and well, let's see a show of hands out there on the list.... how 
many of you have a nationally syndicated talk show..... hmmmmmm.  no one, eh. 
 well, leykis does.  like him or not, he's got a little niche working there, 
and the coast to coast coverage doesn't hurt, either.

let's hope that, consultants be damned, they allow al some input and maybe 
help to right a sinking ship.  the first thing to go is dr.joy... there is no 
place for a syndicated show on the ONLY station in boston, a top ten market, 
during a time when there should be, as there has been in the past, locally 
originated programming.  can not the programming gods and the research pukes 
find someone with the level of insight, as the arbitrons would have us 
believe, of a doctor joy?  the city has enough issues which can be discussed, 
but why must the meat'n'potatoes issues be relegated to nighttime slots. 
(with all due respect to the esteemed mr.katz currently juggling time checks, 
traffic with grant & the weather forecast... he will try to generate an 
issue-based discourse, only to be slam-dunked by the ten-minute ticker...)

chuck igo (just a jock, thank you)