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RE: another Entercom drop

Chuck Igo writes:

> can not the programming
> gods and the research pukes
> find someone with the level of insight, as the
> arbitrons would have us
> believe, of a doctor joy?

Isn't it Dr. Laura that this station has? Was the last time
I tried to listen. There is a large difference.

But regardless of that, anytime you put a Rush or a Laura on
the air you get a known quantity - you know what it costs in
terms of money and inventory, and you have a pretty good
idea of the audience and the demographics that the show will
get. And minimizing risk is a key management principle.

> (with all due respect to the esteemed mr.katz
> currently juggling time checks,
> traffic with grant & the weather forecast... he
> will try to generate an
> issue-based discourse, only to be slam-dunked by
> the ten-minute ticker...)

This is the problem every morning show has - it's tough to
get some momentum going with constant interruptions. Beyond
that, it's also the problem that the morning listener has,
since he or she is jumping in and out of paying attention to
the radio while getting ready to go take on the day :)

- -Pete