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Re: another Entercom drop

On 4 Jul 99, at 18:56, bostonradio@yahoo.com wrote:

> << Yup, Chuck Adler, Tom Leykis, "The Chicks" were all Mayers' creattions
>  and so was uniting Whitley and Clapprood(yikes!)to be one of the
>  lamest AM-drive shows in recent memory... >>

Maybe *one* of the lamest AM-drive shows in recent memory, but 
certainly not *the* lamest of all time--that honor goes to the current 
team.  I say bring back Ted and Janet!  And while they're at it, 
throw in Gene and Jerry. :)

Dreaming on,

``You go whole-hog when you like someone/
I go ape-s--- when you forget me.''
Kristin Hersh, "Cathedral Heart"