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Re: WHDH and Blue/ 1956

Atlantic Broadcasting Company owned WABC-880 in New York at that time.
This station later became WCBS-AM, principal station for Columbia

They had nothing to do with the American Broadcasting
Company, which used WJZ-770 as it's principal station after NBC sold off
it's Blue Network.  WJZ changed to WABC somewhere in the mid to late 40s
or so, I think.   
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On Wed, 9 Jun 1999, Donna Halper wrote:
> In 1943, WHDH was indeed an affiliate of Blue (whose key station was WJZ in
> New York, which it owned).  The station had 5000 watts and was on the air
> till 1 AM, according to its listing in the Radio Annual.  WCOP is listed as
> being an "American Broadcasting Corp." affiliate, and its ad says it is a
> "key station of the Atlantic Network".  Does this ring any bells with
> anyone?  I looked it up and found it as the "Atlantic Coast Network", with
> offices in NY and key station being WNEW, but I didn't know the American
> Broadcasting Co. existed yet-- was this a different company from the one
> that would become ABC???