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Re: WHDH and Blue/ 1956

Dan wrote--
>WVDA was on 1260, 
>and we can't figure out whether it carried ABC or NBC. 
>Moreover, we can't figure out what station carried 
>whichever of these two networks WVDA did not carry. 

I don't have a '56 handy, but in 1954, good old smiling Vic Diehm had a big
ad in the Radio Annual wherein he said that WVDA was an ABC affiliate; it
also said that WVDA gave more news than the other stations in Boston, a
claim which I am sure was disputed...

Dan wrote--
>> I didn't realize--until now--that WHDH was the affiliate of the Blue
>> from 1942 to 1945. I had always thought Blue went with WCOP and WLAW as
>> area affiliates as far back as June of 1942.

In 1943, WHDH was indeed an affiliate of Blue (whose key station was WJZ in
New York, which it owned).  The station had 5000 watts and was on the air
till 1 AM, according to its listing in the Radio Annual.  WCOP is listed as
being an "American Broadcasting Corp." affiliate, and its ad says it is a
"key station of the Atlantic Network".  Does this ring any bells with
anyone?  I looked it up and found it as the "Atlantic Coast Network", with
offices in NY and key station being WNEW, but I didn't know the American
Broadcasting Co. existed yet-- was this a different company from the one
that would become ABC???