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Joe G. wrote--

>As far as I've been able to determine, WCOP was a daytimer until December, 
>1941 (just days before Pearl Harbor) when it finally became a fulltimer. At 
>the time WLAW got the 50,000 watts, I think WCOP still transmitted from 
>Allston with 1,000 watts day and night. I don't think WCOP went up to 5,000 
>watts until the transmitter was moved to Lexington.
In 1943, WCOP was still at 500 wonderful watts, and yes it was the Boston
affiliate for the fledgeling ABC Radio Network.  The transmitter was,
according to the Radio Annual, "off Speedway, Brighton, Mass."  The station
was indeed no longer a daytimer-- it listed being on the air 18 hours a

By 1949, the station was listing its transmitter as Lexington, and it was
indeed at 5,000 watts.