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Re: WLAW-680

Regarding the dates of various things, I have no evidence in the newspapers
that WLAW ever changed its calls.  What it did was go off the air entirely
in mid June of 1953.   I have the story about it, in fact.  That's how
things got confusing in Boston-- 680 became vacant and WNAC moved into it,
thus leaving the 1260 frequency to Vic Diehm.

WLAW had moved into Boston and taken over the WBZ studios when WBZ moved
out to Soldier's Field Road in 1948.  I thought WLAW had a transmitter in
Andover... or was it Burlington?  Or was it both?  Who can recall?  But
studios I *AM* sure of-- they maintained a presence in Lawrence and a
studio in Boston too until that fateful day in 1953.

In the 1943 Radio Annual, WLAW had only moved from 1000 to 5000 watts.  And
it was still a CBS affiliate.  Once NBC Blue officially became ABC in the
mid 40s, that changed, however.  By 1948, WLAW absolutely was at 50,000
wonderful watts.