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Re: WLAW-680

>Dan Strassberg wrote:
<big snip>
>And if I'm wrong--that
>is, if WEZE was the ABC affiliate, what stion carried
>NBC? Or did NBC go without a Boston affiliate after WBZ
>became an independent and before WNAC started to carry
>some NBC programming?

        When I got my Lafayette pocket transistor radio in early 1963, WEZE
was the NBC affiliate, I'm almost certain. I also recall that it did not
run much or maybe any of "Monitor" on the weekends, because I remember
discovering Monitor on WCSH/970 in Portland, which seemed to run all of it.
Knowing more now about the history of Monitor, with NBC having such trouble
clearing it, it's interesting that as early as 1963 they apparently had
trouble getting it on the air in Boston. Is that part of the programming
that WNAC used from NBC?

        My recollection is that WEZE was the NBC affiliate at least until
around 1970, for the hourly news anyhow. In the early-mid 60s (before ABC
set up the four newsfeeds), I don't remember any Boston station carrying
it, so maybe the answer is no one. Or maybe I'm having a brain cramp.

        The 1972 Broadcasting yearbook lists as ABC affiliates WMEX, WRYT,
WUNR (also Mutual), WLYN, and WHIL (specifying entertainment network). WCOP
is the NBC affiliate.

        Trivia footnote/question: What station was the Mutual affiliate in
Boston in the wayback old days? The 1942 list shows the affiliations as
WEEI-CBS; WBZ-Blue; WNAC/1260-Red; and WAAB (owned by WNAC-Shepard) as
Mutual. I don't know about the rest of the history oriented folks here, but
I often forget that way back then Boston had an additional full-time

        Going along with the network pecking order, WAAB (1 kW) probably
was the fourth best AM signal licensed to Boston then, after WBZ, WEEI and
WNAC. WHDH is listed as 1 kW, but it went off at Denver sunset. WCOP is
only 500 watts. In 1943, WAAB was moved to Worcester when the FCC declared
that the same owner could not have two stations in the same city.