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Re: WEZE/WTAG (fwd)

On 6 Jun 99,  Dan.Strassberg@worldnet.att.n wrote:

> Although WLAW may have technically existed on 1260 for a 
> split second, before the frequency became WVDA, I'll 
> wager that the WLAW calls were never heard as part of 
> any legal ID on 1260.
I think some time back, someone on this forum looked up the original 
transactions in contemporary reports and found that, so far as the 
licenses were concerned, WNAC on 1260 was sold to Vic Diem and its call 
letters were changed to WVDA, and WLAW on 680 was sold and became WNAC.  
While WLAW's Boston studios went with the 1260 transmission facility, the 
WLAW calls never existed on 1260, even instantaneously.

BTW, it occurs to me that WLAW, licensed to Lawrence and having Boston 
studios, might be an early example of what is now a common practice, 
witness WROR-FM, Framingham and WAAF, Worcester.

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