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Re: WCAV bought by Radio One

Has anyone else noted that within a day or two of the selloff deal, WCAV
began using their new TL and power increase?  At South Station, they
appear almost on par with the Newton stations, with a bonus being 97.7
is one of the quieter frequencies, in terms of the image wasteland from
the Pru stations, unlike 99.5's situation.
Yeah, *NOW* 97.7 decides to seriously become a Boston presence, just
after they essentially sign country's death certificate!   P=(   P=(
Too bad Greater Media didn't make the buy:  97.7 would make a good
Boston coverage complement to 99.5 [but then again, they'd probably have
to black out "After MidNite", so maybe that wouldn't be such a good
idea!  P=) ].