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Re: Alex Beam column

i agree on the sidekick thing; i understand the union rules and all, but 
jeesh, talk about killing a show. "hey, vb, what did that guy say to you in 
the elevator" sssss silence ssss "hahahah, yeah, that was funny, hahah" ... 

In a message dated 6/5/99 11:17:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
bluesradio_99@yahoo.com writes:

<< True. The WRKO morning show, Dr Laura, Rush? Not for
 me. I do like Howie, but since his union prohibited
 Virgin Boy and Sandy talking on the air, the show
 hasn't been the same--plus the reasons given earlier
 on this list do apply (losing his local strengths
 to go to a national focus, for one). Sometimes WEEI
 is good for sports talk in the daytime, but generally
 there's not much out there that time of the day, at least in the
 opinion of some folks such as myself.
 Another talk station--why not? (Maybe on 590?) >>