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pointers to boston radio articles online

Hi all:

Today's Boston Globe has a Jim Sullivan article containing a heated denial by WBCN's Oedipus about the "hot talk" format change
rumors, as well as some fanning of the flames by WFNX's owner and morning cohost.  Catch it at

And Saturday's Boston Herald has a Dean Johnson article about how a $30 food dehydrator rescued some old KISS 108 airchecks:

Take care,

Chris, who remembers The Motors as a quintessential late-70s English pub-rock band; see
http://www-2.roughguides.com/rock/entries/entries-m/MOTORS.html or
http://www.trouserpress.com/bandpages/MOTORS.html for more info.
Anyone remember Bram Tchaikovsky's solo effort "Strange Man, Changed Man" and the single "Girl of My Dreams?"
I've got 'em all!!!