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Re: Country Radio (was Does this bother anyone else?)

Yeah, they don't want to play the older country
stuff--perish the thought that they should play
something from more than a couple of years ago.
If asked about this, the PD of such a country station
might say, "Well, do you hear any Frank Sinatra
or Beatles on Jammin' 94.5?" (In other words, all we
play is Hot New Country. The latest "hat acts" with
no recognition of the artists who inspired them!)

But you're right--country radio is less respective
of its past that rock/pop radio, even despite what
I said above.

There's always college/ public radio (like WHRB's
long-running "Hillbilly at Harvard") and some
country stations have oldies shows (does WKLB still
have their Sunday morning country oldies show?).
- --- Dib9@aol.com wrote:
I am dismayed
> what I find on most of 
> the stations.  With the exception of the "Real
> Country" satellite format on 
> WMCM, you are not likely to hear anything older than
> "Friends in Low Places" 
> on any of the stations.  

> This is only one example, most stations don't just
> ignore Hank Williams, they 
> don't even play Hank Williams Jr., who was one of
> the biggest acts in country 
> less than a decade ago.

You mean that guy who does the theme from Monday
Night Football? Why would we ever want to play
him? (kidding...) :)

> It's funny that a more traditional and conservative
> format, that attracts an 
> older demographic, would have less respect for its
> roots than most pop/rock 
> formats.

By the way: the 80s "new-wave/country" band Rubber
Rodeo did a cover of "Walking After Midnight". (Their
songs "Anywhere With You" and "How the West Was Won"
got some MTV video airplay).

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