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2 questions

1.  Seeking a PD (maybe)-- sale pending-- for a small market big band
station.  Stable owner, nice staff.  Must know traditional jazz, Sinatra,
and show tunes as well as big band music.  Air shift a must.  Salary
average but respectable.  Can't say more-- if you have any ideas as to whom
I should talk to, contact me off list.

2.  A friend of mine is in a band, and it's not a bad band at all-- pop,
funk, dance music, fusion.  Good vocalist, good melodies, very nice people
in the group.  They want to record a demo but have never worked with a
producer.  Anybody know an honest, reliable producer who is affordable for
an up and coming band?  They are from Mass., but have been playing various
clubs in NH too... again, if you know somebody I should talk to for them,
contact me off list.