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Re: pointers to boston radio articles online

In a message dated 5/19/99 9:05:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time, beckwith@ime.net 

<< Anyone remember Bram Tchaikovsky's solo effort "Strange Man, Changed Man" 
and the single "Girl of My Dreams?"
 I've got 'em all!!! >>


   remember?  i went down to the semi-musty lp cabinet and i've got the lp 
here in my hands...  plus the follow-up lp "Funland" from 1981.  
"Girl Of My Dreams" is a great top/windows down and volume just shy of 

and while we're 'memberin'....  "Hello, Hello, Hello"... New England.  
(produced by Paul Stanley...?of Kiss?)

you all are making me roll pennies now to get the turntable fixed up... darn! 
and here i thought we were gonna buy a radio station so we could play all 
these tunes.  but i'm with Bill O on the Harpoon.  (it's 9:44am, and for me, 
an overnight guy with a two hundred mile round trip, it's time for cold one 
(whoosh *bottle open sfx*) number two and then beddy-bye)

chuck igo