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Re: The Future of WBCN-- Talk????

Has anyone bothered to check the source of this?&nbsp;
&quot;koam.lanminds.net&quot; is a Stern fan's site to praise Stern and
his &quot;accomplishments&quot;.&nbsp; Note the disclaimer from the home
page on this site:<br>
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</font></b>I think that what you have is wishful thinking from someone
with a lot of time on their hands.&nbsp; Some of the NYC stuff my have a
minor element of truth but just enough to make the rest of the
&quot;release&quot; sound credible.<br>
I think that I'll wait for a more credible source before I start to
At 08:14 PM 5/13/99 -0400, Donna Halper wrote:<br>
<blockquote type=3Dcite cite>Umm, anybody heard more about this?<br>
&quot;The next station, after New York, that will probably be switched to
24-hour &quot;Extreme Radio&quot; format CBS/Infinity is launching, will
be Boston's<br>
WBCN-FM (another CBS/Infinity station). WBCN already has Stern and
started running &quot;Loveline&quot;. Just before Labor Day--just as
college students<br>
(who make up a large part of Boston's population between September and
are returning to the city from summer break--WBCN will drop it's
rock format for Extreme Radio.&quot; <br>
Read the rest at&nbsp;&nbsp;
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