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Re: The Future of WBCN-- Talk????

Shawn Mamros wrote:

> Are any of the other CBS/Infinity FM signals in town considered to be
> underperformers?  If so, Extreme Radio could go to one of those.  The
> question then will be, would they move Stern there too, or keep him on
> BCN?

None of the Infinity stations here are underperforming.  They all do pretty
well within their target demos, and they all generate sizable revenue.  WBMX
has done well challenging WXKS-FM for 25-34 females, and John Lander has done
well with 25-54 women.  WZLX and WODS also do well 25-54, although ODS is
slipping a bit in that demo.  BCN as it is has been a solid revenue stream
with Stern and the Pats, and then there's BZ.  Infinity has a very strong
cluster here--no weak links in the bunch.  Blowing up any of these stations
doesn't seem to make too much business sense.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7