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Re: The Future of WBCN-- Talk???? - hoax

Has anyone bothered to check the source of this?  "koam.lanminds.net" is a 
Stern fan's site to praise Stern and his "accomplishments".  Note the 
disclaimer from the home page on this site:

This Interactive Web Page Is Produced For Howard Stern Fans By Kevin 
Renzulli and Is An Independent, Fan Produced Web Site That Is Not Connected 
With Howard Stern, CBS Broadcasting, E! TV or Infinity Broadcasting.
1999 The K.O.A.M. Newsletter. All Rights Reserved.
I think that what you have is wishful thinking from someone with a lot of 
time on their hands.  Some of the NYC stuff my have a minor element of 
truth but just enough to make the rest of the "release" sound credible.

I think that I'll wait for a more credible source before I start to believe.


At 08:14 PM 5/13/99 -0400, Donna Halper wrote:
Umm, anybody heard more about this?

"The next station, after New York, that will probably be switched to the

24-hour "Extreme Radio" format CBS/Infinity is launching, will be Boston's

WBCN-FM (another CBS/Infinity station). WBCN already has Stern and just

started running "Loveline". Just before Labor Day--just as college students

(who make up a large part of Boston's population between September and May)

are returning to the city from summer break--WBCN will drop it's 31-year

rock format for Extreme Radio."

Read the rest at   <http://www.koam.lanminds.net/wnew.html>