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lesser known pop hits

Hi--on today's Let's Talk About Radio, Bob and
Donna mentioned that there are many songs from the
pop charts (especially in the 60s and 70s) that don't
get played on the radio, while other songs are played
to death. They wondered if it might make sense to
have a station play those songs--hits which made
the top 40, maybe even the top 20, but somehow are
judged too "uncool" for radio airplay.

I wouldn't mind hearing some of those songs on the
radio! And yes, Barry Scott's "Lost 45s" can air
some of them.

Funny that Orpheus' "Can't Find the Time to Tell You"
(1969?) was mentioned, because that was the song
that burst right into my head as they began to talk
about the subject. A big hit around here, but hardly ever heard on the
radio (if it gets played at all, it would be here in the Boston area).
(Maybe WODS plays
it once in awhile.)

Another song that comes to mind would be the Stompers'
"Never Tell An Angel (When Your Heart's On Fire)" from
the mid 80s. A popular local band, and a big hit on
local radio-- but I think it peaked at #85 nationally.
You don't really hear that one either, not even

So yes, if only some of these obscure (but still "hit")
songs could only get played on the radio these days!
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